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The Best First Date Option

People often think of dinner and a movie as a classic first date. But it’s also pricey, dull and cliché. Here are 3 reasons coffee is your best bet. And of course if coffee doesn’t suit your fancy, most shops have non-coffee based drinks available, or you can head over to a tea place, or perhaps a smoothie bar.


Economic: Who has $100+ for the first date? I guess that rules out dinner and a…

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Anonymous: 3, 4, 5, and 8 :)

3. virgin? or nah

4. relationship? yup yup

5. in love? most definitely

8: Describe your crush: “Crush” aha. Well, he’s my boyfriend, and I suck at descriptions. He’s unbelievably sweet and genuine, not just to me but to everyone. He’s extremely patient, supportive and understanding. He melts my heart when he sings and plays his guitar. Idk what tumblr./you want to know lol